Magento 2

We are passionate Magento Nerds, who take the Magento 2 software to a new level of performance, security, usability and customization.

Enhanced CMS

We have extended the Magento CMS by a modular system with which you can create individual pages from a large number of components with just a few mouse clicks. Without any programming knowledge.

& UX

  • Improved usability & customer satisfaction
    Our frontend is based on "Baymard Institute" studies
  • Lower abandonment rates in the checkout process
    Our checkout is based on the "Responsive Checkout".
  • Fast loading times for higher conversion rates
    Optimized frontend performance
  • Content commerce with just a few mouse clicks
    Improved Magento CMS with building block principle
  • Simple internationalization
    Improved system for translations via Excel & Google Sheets


  • Increased software quality
    Test-Driven-Development, Code Reviews and Magento Extensions verified by us
  • Fast error localization and troubleshooting
    Thanks to automated functional tests
  • New versions can be released at any time
    with our Continuous Integration Deployment strategy
  • Monitoring also outside business hours
     through our 24/7 monitoring and SMS alerts


  • Continuous checking for security vulnerabilities
    Automatic penetration tests
  • Validation of security through independent 3rd parties
    Daily checks with
  • Network security at the highest standard
    We host with AWS on the same system as & amazon. com

& Scalability


  • Fast loading times - at any traffic peak
    Our Magento shops are hosted on AWS and support horizontal auto scaling with load balancing.
  • No downtimes
    99.9999% uptime through redundant systems
  • Better cost-effectiveness
    Pay only for actual server resources used and not for available overcapacities

Enhanced CMS

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