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Competition in digital commerce is fiercer than ever. Merchants need to create outstanding e‑commerce experiences to stand their ground against online retail giants such as amazon. We are your reliable partner for design, content strategy and technical implementation. Let’s talk and find out how we can push your online business forward.

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A leading e‑commerce agency in

Who we are

Our team consists of 100 nerds who love to tackle and solve complex e‑commerce challenges. We are true nearshoring pioneers with offices in Munich, Hamburg, Cracow and Rybnik. We work efficiently and solution-oriented - and at a very competitive price point.

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What we do

Since 2001, we have been developing online software solutions for e‑commerce market leaders. We believe firmly in agile web development and future-proof open source technologies, to speed up development and innovation cycles in our projects.

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The E-Commerce
Experience Report

The customer experience is the sum of all experiences and touchpoints a customer has over the duration of his relationship with a merchant. We have created the e-commerce experience report with one goal in mind: to paint a neutral picture about the current customer experience state in different industries. In our current issue, we have tested the 20 largest fashion retailers in Germany with a total of 104 test criteria each.

Our Work

We look back on a long history of successful e‑commerce projects. Get in touch with us and learn more about our e‑commerce expertise. Or browse through our portfolio page and get to know our exciting clients.

Content Commerce with
Magento &

Our MageSuite lifts Magento 2 to the next level and enriches it with various features around CMS, search, UX, performance and security. That enables us to merge content creation with e‑commerce functionalities, without the need to add a third party content management system to the shop.

Thanks to our open source approach, we ensure that our merchants can operate and evolve their shops independent of us, because we believe in equal partnerships without vendor lock-in.